Posted on 8/11/2016

We are very proud to have been commissioned to design a series of booklets as part of the centenary commemorations of World War 1 (WW100 Scotland

At this time of year, as we all start to see and wear poppies, our thoughts move to remembrance of the many who died fighting during (and since) the First World War. 

While it seems like the events of the 1914-1918 war are a dim and distant blot in history, how important is it that we remember? 

We should, of course remember the individuals and groups of people who perished in the great war, they paid the ultimate price. How can we ever forget? 

It was interesting to discuss this as a design team and find out stories from our own families that resonated with the project we were designing. No matter how connected we are to those who died or suffered, we must always remember. 

We should also learn from the mistakes that were made in the past and never let anything like that happen again. Sadly, though, World War 2 happened, and there seem to have been wars around the world ever since.

What have we really learned from understanding previous conflicts? 

On the surface, it would seem we have learned very little. We see dangerous intolerance, deep hatred and nationalism of the worst kind around us in the world at the moment. Some of it nearer to home than we’d like. 

So simply remembering isn’t enough, we need to learn from the past. 

Here at Wolffe, we hope that the little part we are playing in the WW100 commemoration; the research, design and production of booklets telling stories of different facets of the Great War, will help teach a few people and bring to life the real horrors of war.

Take a look at the first in the series of booklets, Trench Notes and try and understand the hell that was trench warfare. 

On Friday 11th at 11am, we will remember.