Creating Ripples

Posted on 8/06/2017

We were recently invited to design the identity for the Ripple Retreat; this was a project for a very special building, in a special place, which will deliver special experiences for those who stay there. Lynne McNicoll founded the It's Good 2 Give charity providing practical support to young cancer patients in East Scotland but from the inception of the charity wanted to create a Retreat for families going through this dreadful experience. The volunteer led charity raised all the funds required to build it in just seven years.

The Ripple Retreat is a building where families with a child or teen who is seriously ill with cancer, can stay to rest, reflect, and have some important time together. It is also for use by bereaved families who have lost a child or young person to cancer. It’s a significant building; situated in a very special place and stunningly designed. 

This was a special commission and one that required a sensitivity of touch. Our rippling hearts solution was a winning idea that immediately hit the right notes of support, love, and growth. The central heart represents the child or young person with cancer, the middle heart represents the love from the immediate family and the outer heart represents the support from It's Good 2 Give. It is now being rolled out as a light branding touch throughout the property, online, on social feeds and to support the continuing fund-raising efforts.

The hard work doesn’t stop there. The retreat is still in need of your generous donation to keep it running day to day. Click here to find out how you can help.