Posted on 13/02/2017

If proof were needed about the transformative power of design, it’s strategic and economic value to a business, read on. Thank you Helen Rennie for taking time to write these words.


"This time last year we were just beginning to work on rebranding my company from Altair to Rezone. And at that time I was struggling to fill my events and generate interest in my services. My business Facebook page was low profile with just 100 likes.

Fast forward to 12 months later following the creation of the Rezone brand identity and website, it's a totally different picture. My events are selling out and I'm the busiest I've ever been with new client enquiries coming via the Rezone website and my Facebook page which currently has over 750 likes. My conversion rate has also improved from 50% to 80% resulting in stronger monthly sales.

My brand has enabled me to forge strong relationships with key equestrian organisations and professional riders. My profile in the market has completely transformed and the rebranding work that team Wolffe did has made a significant contribution to that positive change. Whilst I was delighted at the time of my branding project by the quality of the creative work that team Wolffe produced, I could not have imagined the difference that the rebranding would have on my business performance within 6 months of the website going live. Thank you!"


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