It's A Tough Job

Posted on 4/10/2017

Our founder and creative director recently judged The Scottish Gin Awards and The Scottish Beer Awards.  We asked him how he found this challenging aspect of his job.


q: how are you qualified to judge both gin and beer awards?

A: Well, I have been known to consume a certain amount of both beverages, so am not a complete stranger to the taste of both. Seriously though, both gin and beer categories are riding a wave of success at the moment and as such are fertile grounds for a bit of brand design. And that’s where my interest really lies.


q: so, what are your observations from the brand design point of view? 

A: A mixed bag to be perfectly honest. There are some really fantastic brand which are presented beautifully and have absolutely nailed their positioning; the product, packaging and back story are totally aligned. Then, there are a few who haven’t bothered or if they have, should have done better.  I won’t name names, but in both gin and beer categories there are examples of companies who get it, and ones that don’t.

An interesting observation too, is that it isn’t necessarily the big companies with big budgets that nail their brand. Generally, the big companies do well, but there are examples of extremely well presented brands who have clearly arrived on the market without deep pockets.


q: what for the future?

A: I can only see further growth for beer and gin, but potentially some consolidation as the sectors mature. Brand design will continue to be a vital aspect of a drinks business whether they are bringing a product to the market or building on early stage success.

Most importantly though, I will continue my extensive research into both beers and gins. It’s a tough job….but someone’s got to do it.


Andrew was a judge at the recent Scottish Gin Awards and Scottish Beer Awards and continues his research.