The World Goes Digital (or does it?)

Posted on 1/06/2018

We’ve been reflecting on agencies diving into digital. It’s been something we at Wolffe have looked at ever since the world wide web came into being. Should we? Shouldn’t we? Every time we think we should, we back off citing cultural, technical and HR challenges. A couple of years ago we decided we had looked at this enough and should confidently move forward as a creative agency.

Do we deliver digital? Hell yes, but from the brand communication and creative standpoint. We work alongside trusted partners on web development and digital marketing and that’s a model that is working well for us.

A perfect example of this is our recent work for Belmond who commissioned us to create a digital campaign. The project was briefed to reflect the idea Dive into Belmond, we flexed our creative muscles and delivered a clear vision of where the campaign might go. Illustrations were commissioned and asset supplied to web and digital agencies who applied our design direction into their outputs. The result; a group of experts in their fields delivering clear creative direction and digital strategy to a global brand. Take a look

Will we ever dive into digital? Never say never, but for the time being we are comfortable delivering clear brand thinking and creative direction to clients who understand where we add value. We do take on digital projects but will always introduce one of our partners who specialise in the dynamic and exciting online world.