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lang may yer lum reek

MacNair's was founded in 1857 and we felt there was a personality lurking within the brand that needed to be explored. The Victorian entrepreneur Harvey MacNair was born.

Working alongside Kim McGillivray to give Harvey MacNair a face we developed a storyline that helped bring the brand to life. We thought Harvey would have been an inventor, an alchemist, an expert distiller and blender.

The MacNair's range of Peated Blended Malt Scotch Whiskies needed a name; we imagined a blocked chimney or 'lum' causing a room to fill with peat smelling smoke, thus the name Lum Reek was established.

As we say in Scotland "Lang may yer lum reek".

"We’ve re-created the peated whiskies of 100 years ago for the modern-day palette."

Billy Walker Master Distiller