Polar Explorer

Print & Packaging

whisky and ice

Designed by Wolffe, this 12-year-old Port Charlotte expression from Islay’s Bruichladdich distillery is being auctioned for charity, with the distinction of being the first Scotch whisky to use millennia-old iceberg water from Greenland.

The bottles are presented in a laser etched wooden box, wrapped in an antique map of Greenland and individually numbered by Craig Mathieson, the first Explorer in Residence of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society for 129 years, and founder of  The Polar Academy

With a limited release of just 200 bottles, an initial 10 Polar Explorer bottles will be available at  Whisky Auctioneer  with a starting price of £100, the proceeds of which will be donated to The Polar Academy.

©Photography by  Paul Bock