What does graphic design look like through an architect’s eyes?

Thursday September 10, 2020

I had been working as an architect in Spain for just under two years when I realised the aspect of the job I liked best wasn’t designing buildings, but signage. I discovered that I enjoyed finding the most creative solutions for guiding people through buildings. Rather than designing floor plans I liked designing logos. Instead of making technical drawings, I loved creating the perfect presentation layout. Once I realised this, there was no going back.

Wolffe has given me the opportunity to explore the aspects that I enjoyed so much within architecture, in a new focus area of brand strategy and design. When I left my previous studio I was only too aware of venturing into the unknown territory of a new career. I thought my background would be an obstacle to the hiring process. In fact, what I’ve observed is the strength of an interdisciplinary approach to design.

I discovered that my knowledge of interior design and materials became useful in conceptualising brand design. All the architecture studios and projects I got to know through my studies and work experience became a reference point that I could turn to, for generating new ideas. I also realised that even an abstract concept, like my interest in working with geometry, could help to strengthen design structures.

All of this has become clear since I started working at Wolffe. An efficient way of solving problems in design is to remain open to alternative methods and ways of thinking – to be boundless. I’ve learned from working here that although we come from various fields, we can all benefit from each other by sharing ideas.

At Wolffe we all speak the same language, just with a different syntax.

Sara Zanigni