Our Approach

We’re on it. As soon as your call comes in or your message arrives, we’re engaged. Because we’re enthusiastic. Optimistic. With a firm belief in our abilities and your possibilities. We listen, consider, understand and imagine. And rather than pick the path of least resistance, we’ll think through a range of creative routes. Including some that others might shy away from.

But you’ll see this. Because when it matters, you’ll be with us. Working together, sharing insights, hearing ideas and making decisions. As we seek that instinctive, collective moment of wide-eyed smiles and nods. Then we create. We draw on the design knowledge that’s helped so many businesses to disrupt the status quo, win hearts and change minds. And your brand can be next.

Our Services

Our capabilities are broad, but our solutions are made-to-measure. From quick problem-solving for instant online traction to transforming vast brand ecosystems, let our perpetual creativity set you apart.


Our Team

A fairly small team, sure, yet one that always strives to make a big impact. Proudly Scottish, we’re inspired by our home nation’s remarkable history of ingenuity. We’re a surprisingly international though, and a well-travelled bunch as well. We’re designers without frontiers, open-minded, full of energy and as agile as you need us to be.

We’re friendly too. We truly delight in meeting new people. And meeting their challenges. We love to create. But we also like to play the role of creative orchestrators, to pull the right strings for you and your brand to power ahead. And at the heart of it all is our dedication to one thing. Design. Is it in our DNA? Who can say, but the elegance of a double helix is something to aspire to.


Andrew Wolffe

Founder and
Managing Director

Our Collaborators

We work with a wide range of like-minded creatives, radical thinkers, people from different walks of life, people who work with us to push the boundaries and share our boundless solvers' mentality.


Our Clients

At Wolffe, nuestra casa es su casa. Because feeling at home with us is important. Our door is always open and we love hosting creative events and intriguing workshops, and setting up new research missions. Working under our own steam is second nature. But we look to combine our expertise with your knowledge, to help define and elevate every aspect of a fresh brand experience.

We know the importance of a solid plan, too. The right process, and persistence, are things we swear by. And being ambitious, for us, is something to celebrate. So we love clients who dream big, people prepared to ask a lot of us. Go ahead. If you look at our work, you’ll see that we punch above our weight. And we’ve created knockout designs for a breadth of sectors and specialisms along the way.