Is constant change the only certainty left?

Thursday September 10, 2020

Change is all around. We’ve been dealing with all that Covid-19 has thrown at us, zooming on computers rather than here and there, and amending how we work and play in all sorts of ways. Companies have had to accelerate their digital transformation, while consumers have had to rethink how they do pretty much everything. Social distancing is the norm, we talk about our bubbles, and we wear masks in public places. 

On top of the pandemic, let’s not forget, BREXIT is just round the corner. We have 100 days until we leave Europe. It’s been somewhat off the radar as the pandemic uses up all the column inches and media channels, but I can guarantee we’ll have a whole gamut of change to deal with around this huge issue. 

We humans are an adaptable race. We’re good at dealing with change, that’s why we’ve been so successful. Pulling big stones was a bore so we invented wheels. Riding horse-and-carts was a bore, and slow, so we invented the internal combustion engine. Driving fossil-fuelled cars is bad for the planet (and our lungs), so we invented electric vehicles. I moved to an electric vehicle over a year ago and it’s taken a while to get used to it, but I’m one of an adaptable race of eco-warrior humans and it’s become my new normal. I look at gas-guzzling vehicles idling outside petrol stations, then at windmills generating clean energy (to fuel my car) with a degree of smugness.

At Wolffe we see this time of significant change as a chance to change ourselves. We’re still a team that has design running through every vein, but we’ve adapted our thinking to be problem-solvers. We help companies and individuals react to the changing world, to find solutions that will help them grow and ensure their brands are relevant in future.

Some designers will remember a world before the now ubiquitous Apple Mac – we still designed, plus ça change. A few years later the mobile phone arrived. Can you imagine a life without your handheld phone? Most of us also used to watch just three or four TV channels. But we’ve fast-forwarded to a world of on-demand streaming, with any programme you want available 24/7. Change is all around and it’s happening quicker than ever.

Plus ça change… we’re now a team of Boundless Solvers.

Andrew Wolffe