What is a Boundless Solvers Manifesto?

Tuesday September 29, 2020

We are out there. 
A blazing pack of design thinkers 
awaiting to take on the next challenge. 
We use design to break through the clutter. 
Not fearing constraints but embracing them.

We are fiercely creative. 
Paradigm shifters.
We think. We don’t sprint.
We solve. We’ve been doing it for 30 years.
We are the closest thing to family 
outside your family.

Now, the light is brighter than ever before. 
Solvers of today mark the beginning of a redefined era, 
turning the page, 
making the world better, 
humankind better, 
design better.

With design as our core discipline 
Wolffe looks at any problem, 
any challenge, 
from every angle. 
As well as designers, 
we’re boundless solvers.