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We are Wolffe

We help create vivid, memorable brand personalities by way of visual identity and style, and distinctive tone of voice. We go further.

By way of immersive, exploratory innovation workshops and dynamic tools, we help create new brand offerings, whether they be initiatives, exhibits, products, services or portfolios.

We are a sophisticated boutique consultancy dedicated to maximising a brand’s potential. We’re pioneering in our 360 degree approach. We sail, silver shining, in an azure blue ocean. Come on board and transform your brand.

The sky’s the limit.

About Wolffe

Founded in 1998 by Andrew Wolffe, we are a practitioner-led business, which means that you will deal directly the one of us who is managing your project and working on your solution.

Our clients benefit from our team's unstinting desire to create thoughtful, pertinent, well-crafted and inspiring work that supports their businesses get to where they are going.

Our process is as varied as our client list. We believe that every client and every project deserves an approach that is as unique as our solutions.

We help our clients grow their businesses and provide a full range of design and innovation agency services from our central Edinburgh studio.