The Problem: How could we help project Luxon as a global player? 

Our Solution: We have kick started a full brand transformation which has looked at the brand identity, positioning strategy and narrative. The identity reflects Luxon's  independent mind-set and forward-thinking capabilities. The X mark is the central focal point of the logotype. It is versatile, flexible, and a collective. Its composition shows the essence of the brand, which is progressive and a guiding force. The "Guiding tomorrow" claim communicates the vision of the brand, a claim that reinforces Luxon's unique qualities in the mind of the public.

"Wolffe nos ha acompañado en todo el proceso de branding y creación de imagen. Han sido fundamentales en éxito de la nueva presentación de la firma. Totalmente creativos y talentosos, y siempre pendientes de la satisfacción del cliente."

Juan Roldan, Founder of Luxon