In crowded and often chaotic retail environments, your product needs to stand out. So outstanding packaging is a must. From labels to logos, distinctive design work is part and parcel of our offering.

But creating ‘brand clothing’ for your product involves more than alluring designs. It’s making a broader statement too, one that must support your business objectives. With Wolffe, you get the complete package.


It’s what we do, it’s why we get out of bed every day, our core offer is design in all its guises.

Brand Strategy

What’s the big idea? We can help you to find out. To discover the overarching principle or proposition that should exist at the heart of your brand. One that can breed a manifesto to govern culture, decisions and aims.


Wolffe takes the discipline of naming to another level. The right name – for your brand, product or service – will cement itself in your audience’s mind. So settling on the perfect moniker is a must.

Brand Communication

Are you sitting comfortably? We’re expert at storytelling, but wary of comfort zones. For us, finding the best ways of expressing a brand usually comes from shaking things up. And often by starting afresh.

RESET by Wolffe

The Reset is our latest initiative. In the first instance it’s a flexible, informal and fee-free dialogue. For people who’ve recently lost a job and would like to find their mojo again, along with a new income stream.

Social Media

How are you ‘speaking’ to your public? One of your main brand touchpoints will be your social media accounts.


We love taking the plunge. Conducting deep-dive research to understand human behaviours, social dynamics and emotional responses. Because the right investigations will inspire innovative brand strategies.


Trademarking your visual identity, products or services is a crucial part of protecting your brand. We’ll ensure you go through the right legal process to enshrine what’s rightfully yours.

Brand Innovation

Strap yourself in as we speed up your brand’s creative journey. By facilitating innovative thought around design, Wolffe helps to conceive and control new ideas that can drive business growth.

Employee Engagement

Need more power? Get all your people pulling in the same direction. Just let us inside to help you out. To influence your team and make it easier for them to live the brand across your organisation.

Design Management

Think of us as the ultimate brand accessory. A dynamic extension of your team that will help you to define, implement and govern your identity. To bring precision to your design needs.