Brand Strategy

We need to establish an in-depth understanding of your brand’s world. We have developed a design-led BRAND SPRINT that ensures we have agreement of where your brand has come from, but more importantly, where it’s going. We keep it simple, creative, and to-the-point. The outcomes of the Sprint will inform all our creative work and even impacts on our clients’ business plans.

Brand Naming

A name burns a brand into the mind of its audience and is the cornerstone of intellectual property and brand equity. Naming is an often overlooked part of the design process and name generation can be a complex process. We have a creative, flexible and intellectually rigorous approach to establishing the right name for your business, products or services.

Brand Naming Wolffe Design Edinburgh Scotland

Brand Identity

Having a clear strategy for your brand is vital, and as designers we relish the visual and creative exploration of that strategy. We understand what your audiences see, what they touch and how they feel when they engage with your brand. And ultimately the visual becomes the brand identity; the badge, the emblem that encompasses all that your brand represents.

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In an often chaotic retail environment your packaging really needs to stand out. As designers our job is to ensure your product has impact, and through design we deliver a clear brand statement that supports your business objectives.

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Integrated Campaigns

Delivering a creative idea across a wide range of media supports your brand strategy and helps your brand speak to it’s audiences. From direct mail campaigns to traditional advertising and social media to PR, we deliver hard-working, intelligent solutions that get results.

Campaign Advert Wolffe Design Edinburgh Scotland


We love the smell of a freshly delivered print job, and have significant experience of delivering all aspects of print. We understand how design, words, images and production techniques can support your key business messages. And beyond the design phase, you can trust our team to deliver detail, accuracy and beautiful print bang on schedule.

Print Wolffe Design Edinburgh Scotland


We deliver digital solutions from the starting point of how the digital environment fits your brand strategy. We don’t have a one solution fits all but work with a range of developers to build and deliver unique and robust solutions for each project.

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Art Direction

What’s the big idea? What does it look like? How can we achieve that look and feel across all media and brand touch points? Who do we work with to achieve that look and feel? How do we ensure a consistent thread of style in all that we do?
Establishing a creative direction and sticking with it is part of our job.

Art Direction Video Photography Illustration Wolffe Design Edinburgh Scotland

Additional Services

We’ve been around for a few years and have worked with some wonderful associates; copywriters who get brand tone of voice; printers who understand integrated campaigns; photographers who will shoot some movie footage; web developers who go the extra mile; and illustrators who can doodle to great effect. They are all invaluable part of our creative and production process and we see them as a key extension of our business.

Art Direction Video Photography Illustration Wolffe Design Edinburgh Scotland

Beyond the brief

If you think there is something that we haven’t covered on this page please get in touch with us, chances are we can help. We apply the same rigorous, creative approach to everything we do.

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Trademarking your visual identity is a crucial part of protecting your brand, and we will ensure you go through the right legal process.
From using the TM symbol through to full registration and use if the ® mark, we’ll make sure you are covered.